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Superna Eyeglass ® Easy Auditor Overview

Superna Eyeglass ®  Easy Auditor Overview
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Superna Eyeglass ®  Easy Auditor Overview

Superna Eyeglass ® Easy Auditor Overview

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Superna Eyeglass ®  Easy Auditor Overview  - Advanced Searching

Superna Eyeglass ® Easy Auditor Overview - Advanced Searching

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Compliance & security for enterprise data should be simple and not cost a fortune. Unstructured data on large file systems presents a challenge with millions to billions of files and 1000's of users access data.     Easy Auditor solves these issues with a flat rate license model and easy of use features that simplifies auditing, and securing PB's of data.

Dell and Superna offer this solution to many industry verticals including Healthcare to solve compliance requirements.   Read the White paper that covers how Dell Powerscale and Superna suite of products can address data security requirements.


Click here to read about the Dell Healthcare Solution with Superna



Feature Summary

  1. Scalability: Support for Billions of Audit records with inline compressed HDFS storage on Isilon.  Can scale to any size cluster with scale out auditing

  2. Role Based login with 2 role levels

  3. Syslog integration for SIEM tools

  4. Parallel Syslog forward to Syslog with conditional forwarding feature.  High performance syslog forwarding.

  5. Meets all regulator Reporting requirements:

    1. HIPAA, PCI compliance report ​include Disaster Recovery compliance status 

    2. Top Users Reports (create, delete)

    3. Stale Data Access Report

    4. Excessive Permissions Report

    5. Authentication reporting

  6. Active Auditing - Policy based real-time response to audit events (learn How Superna Eyeglass® is built for real-time event processing and analytics)

    1.  Mass Delete protection based on policy. 

      1. Actions:

        1. Stop delete in progress with a per  user action ​

        2. Set delete thresholds

        3. Snapshot files system to protect the delete with auto expired snapshots

    2. DLP Protection to real-time monitor secure data on shares or exports​​

      1. Actions:​

        1. Detect data copy from secured share/export per user

        2. Disconnect individual users and lockout action from SMB shares

        3. Alert administrator real time 

    3. Custom real time triggers​​

      1. Real time user, ip, action, path, file or extension logic with and and or and grouping support to build custom security triggers for real time notifications​

      2. Network aware security policies factor in source ip of pc's access storage for external subnet tracking or save zone network rule that flag IO from untrusted subnets.

    4. ​"Where did my folder go?"

      1. folder move operations that hide data from other users on a shared drive​

      2. Find renames by user or path, click the Control Z button to return data to the original location. Quickly and easily.

      3. Now finds deleted files with the same speed and simplicity  

  7. Security Auditing.

    1. Wiretap - Real time monitor all file activity on a share/export, path or user.  

      1. File operation viewer shows real-time file activity by user or path on a wiretap target

      2. Use cases: Debug business application performance issues, monitor user activity for audits

  8. Automated Self Test​​

    1. Robot Audit runs daily to test audit data creation and reporting​

How Easy Auditor Simplifies and Lowers the Cost of Auditing

  1. Lower cost than traditional legacy audit platforms to store the audit database. Per NAS device not per seat pricing.

  2. Supports Isilon storage for analytics database to reduce the cost versus traditional relational DB solutions that require Fibre channel disk.

  3. Inline compression of analytics data reduces storage cost by 8 to 1 ratio.

  4. Data is always compressed on disk

  5. Higher performance with active active active solution supports load balanced audit processing

  6. NO fibre channel or block storage needed to scale performance of queries 

  7. Scales performance with Isilon cluster node count

  8. Powered by Isilon HDFS, allows the Isilon cluster to accelerate queries and perform analytics on audit data

  9. Removes requirement for SQL, Oracle, MySQL relational databases

  10. Simple to deploy on virtual infrastructure. No physical hardware appliance needed.

  11. Highly available clustered solution with 3 VM's for queries and audit data processing

  12. Uses Isilon storage pools for data protection of the Audit database

  13. Simple DR leveraging Dell EMC SyncIQ to replicate the Audit database

  14. Simple Failover using Superna Eyeglass® DR edition to failover the auditing Smartconnect name to warm standby Superna Eyeglass®  audit cluster VM's

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