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SUPERNA INC (“Superna”) is committed to providing consistent professional services to persons with disabilities by putting into practice these four key principles:

  • Dignity

  • Independence

  • Integration

  • Equal Opportunity


Notice of Service Disruption

In the event there is a temporary service disruption that would limit a person with a disability from gaining access to the Superna’s facilities or services, Superna will make the disruption known to its clients in the following ways:

  • Post notice of the service disruption on Superna premises in the area where the service disruption is located;

  • Post a message on the Superna’s website at

Notices will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration, alternate service locations if applicable, and a description of alternative facilities.


Superna is committed to establishing, implementing and maintaining a process for receiving and responding to feedback about how to provide services to a person with disabilities. 

Feedback regarding the way Superna provides its services to people with disabilities may be given by telephone, in person or through email at


Superna shall make available, upon request, a copy of our policy related to the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.  


This policy and its related procedures will be reviewed as required in the event of legislative changes.

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