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Careers at Superna

Top three reasons Developers should  build a career at Superna:


Modern Tech Stack: Our tech stack leverages many cutting-edge development tools and targets without getting distracted by every shiny new library. Develop microservices leveraging Kafka, Docker, ReactJS, GraphQL, Ansible, Hadoop, Spark, Hbase and others in an up-to-date and maintained VS Code environment. Developers at Superna implement enterprise grade software targeted at Amazon Web Services using cloud formation, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and on-premise targets. We do pretty well on The Joel Test too.


Opportunity for advancement: Superna is continuing to grow, and with growth comes ample opportunity to advance in seniority while continuing to be mentored by those who've been down the path before.


Location and work-life balance: Superna's hybrid location model allows YOU to choose if you want to work in our offices in Ottawa, remotely, or whatever combination of those locations suits you. We understand that work-life balance is important to everyone's long-term productivity, health, and happiness.

It's not all work @ Superna

A games room for relaxing, taking a break, ping pong, darts or the arcade.  We also setup potluck lunches,  pong and darts ladders and tournaments for prizes.  Summer time is all about BBQ's and pizza ovens.


We have positions open in Development, Support, Services, business operations and HR.  To review our job postings and apply, follow this link to the job postings  Jobs @ Superna.  

  1. Development positions

  2. Support & Services positions

  3. Business Operations positions



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