Cluster Storage Monitor

Cluster Storage Monitor is an add-on to Superna Eyeglass® that automates the management of storage reporting, and quota administration. The add-on manages multiple clusters and offers chargeback reporting, searching and reporting of all quota types. 


Storage management tasks can be delegated to non technical Isilon administrators for quota and data recovery. All workflows use email notification to users and daily summary automated reports to administrators. Role based Access controls allow complete separation from DR related tasks in Superna Eyeglass®.


Helpdesk application Unlock my files! stream lines file lock breaking with a simple easy to use UI, that requires no knowledge of Isilon to find and break locks on open files on a scale out NAS cluster.


Powerful storage reporting for chargeback, managing quota over subscription, quota limit reporting.

Simple Disk Management down to the share or export level
  1. Simpler storage usage management by share or export not the filesystem path. 

  2. Search for shares and exports and quickly see usage across all managed clusters.

  3. Eyeglass automatically creates advisor quotas on any share or export automatically, no administrator effort required.

Advanced Search for Quotas across all clusters

Make bulk edits to quotas on one or more clusters from single interface example increase quota on result list by 20% can be completed with simple search and submit the change.

Help desk Application

  1. Unlocking user files is a pain!!!  Not any more.   Delegate file unlocking to your help desk with Unlock my files! application.

  2. Simple easy to use application with no knowledge needed, search for open files cluster wide. Click the break lock icon.

  3. Role based access to this application is built in.

End User Self Serve quota portal
  1. Reduces quota management manual steps with "End User portal" that detects the uses user and group shares and displays usage limits and % consumed.

  2. Users make increase or decrease requests from User Portal.

  3. Non Isilon Administrators can have disk management role in Eyeglass to review and approve requests.

  4. Administrator auto approve rules allows % x or below requests to be approved automatically.

Data Recovery Manager Portal
  1. Allow end users to request version of files using snapshots anywhere in the environment (snapshots, DR copies, DR snapshots). Users never need to know where data is stored. Eyeglass builds UNC path and shares automatically and emails users how to access.

  2. Portal work flow request and approval to non Isilon administrators

  3. RBAC roles for users and data recovery administrators

  4. Secure access to shares with data recovery shares created by eyeglass, secure to the requesting user. Data recovery shares self destruct after x number of days

  5. Auto approve option for requests or time based auto approve mode

  6. History of all requests

Many more Automated Storage Reporting Features:
  1. Daily activities logged and sent daily 

  2. Daily per share or quota CSV email for chargeback solution

  3. Cluster wide reporting for pool, nodes and clusters report

  4. Role Based Access for users and quota administrators in Eyeglass (separate from DR with reduced access and visibility)

  5. Users notified via email of the actions taken

  6. Isilon Administrator notified of all daily quota changes in the environment.

  7. Access Zone aware for multi-tenant authentication support.