Superna Eyeglass® Cluster Storage Monitor Feature list


Cluster Storage Monitor Key Features Previous Releases:

Unlock my files!!!!​

  1. Help desk application to find locked files and break locks for users​. Dedicated Role in Eyeglass
  2. Secure proxy file list and break lock button requires Zero Isilon knowledge to use.

  3. This will be a feature that request Storage Cluster Monitor product license key.

  4. Large AD direct collection over LDAP will support direct connect to AD to collect users and groupsSupports 1 million or greater object collection in < 2 minutes.

  5. This new collection method will be shared by all products that need this information example Ransomware, defender, Cluster Storage Monitor all need user to SID resolution and user to group information.

  6. Quota reporting user, group, directory CSV break down

  7. charge back billing tool to report on average daily usage per quota

  8. AD managed Quotas allows tiers of quota (user or group) to be managed with templates and AD groups requiring no manual quota creation and delegation of quota usage to AD group administration.

    1. Full reporting on quota changes email daily​

    2. on demand report creation

    3. Scalable quota collection schedule job

    4. AD user and group collection schedule job