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 Cyber Scanner - Next Generation Content Security (coming soon)

Cyber Scanner Product Overview


This next generation security product understands file types and offers content aware analysis of file data looking for corruption, encryption or file modifications that render the data unusable..  This provides the ability to look inside files validate readable text and check custom file headers example Word docs have author , title fields.   This product is an add-on to Ransomware Defender that enables near real time inspection of created or modified files to verify data integrity of files.    

Supporting over 1500 file types including the ability to look at images with reach metadata property analysis, including DICOM images for PACS applications.   

Key Features

  1. Near real time data integrity scanning of new or modified files provides deep file inspection with Ransomware Defender Integration to scan an assess file integrity after a behavior based detection

  2. File Entropy calculation on all data is compared to a baseline using Ransomware Defenders learning mode. File are detected.

    1. ​Measures the randomness of the data in a file to detect partial encryption even at the block level.

  3. Full path scan (future)

  4. Over1500 file types supported including images with metadata

  5. Integrates with Ransomware Defender and Enterprise Airgap 2.0 to block replication to the cyber vault

  6. Alarming and alerting within the Ransomware Defender UI

  7. Role Based Access to content security alerts

  8. Integrated with the ECA cluster as a new service container

  9. Reads data from automated Powerscale snapshots

  10. Syslog and email integration with SIEM products

  11. Integrated with Powerscale snapshots and changelist API

  12. Combined threat level detection between Ransomware Defender and Cyber Scanner results to provide deeper analysis and threat assessments.

    1. Cyber scanner can provide secondary assessment of Ransomware Defender identified files under attack by scanning affected files for deeper risk assessment, and results available review by the administrator​​​​

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