Data Centre Technician I



Your role as Data Center Technician I will include providing IT life cycle assistance with data center infrastructure and desktop equipment at Superna Inc. You will leverage all of your existing IT knowledge and skills and develop countless more while facilitating inventory management and asset management, deployment and installation, configuration, maintenance and upgrades, environmental monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging and replacement of the physical and logical storage, network, computing and facilities IT domains.  

You will access Windows Active directory and Google Cloud management tools to assist with employee life cycle tasks (add, modify, retire), and will access various storage, network, virtualization, computing and security IT infrastructure management interfaces, all while maintaining good notes, and updating all tasks in a centralized task repository. This position involves occasional physical tasks - for example:

  • Unpacking equipment from boxes and storing in racks; 

  • Using hand tools (drills, screw drivers) to install equipment in rack mount frames;

  • Relocating data center equipment; 

  • Connecting power, fibers and ethernet cables to data center equipment;

  • Light duty lifting and reaching.


Your responsibilities will include, but not limited to:

Responsibilities and Tasks


  • Prompt on time daily arrival;

  • Detailed logging of daily activities in time tracking tool;

  • Working with the Health and Safety team as required to ensure Superna is a safe workplace;

  • General shipping and receiving tasks:

    • Receiving equipment, updating to inventory, scanning documents;

    • Preparing equipment for shipping and scheduling pickup times;

    • Accurate update of equipment inventory;

    • Labeling, cabling and fibering of new equipment;

    • Physical upkeep, organization  and maintaining tidiness of the data center, dusting and keeping aisles clear and free of clutter.


  • Following, creating and updating existing procedures;

  • Updating progress on assigned tasks.

Virtual Infrastructure

  • Deploying virtual machines;

  • Monitoring virtual infrastructure resources;

  • Virtual machine life cycle tasks:

    • Migrations; 

    • Upgrades;

    • Reconfigurations.



  • Maintain network and infrastructure diagrams;

  • Installation of network equipment;

  • Tracking connections;

  • Identifying and debugging physical networking issues;

  • Basic wireless access connectivity debugging;

  • Testing network performance.



  • Support with installation of equipment;

  • Maintaining storage network diagrams;

  • Identifying storage hardware issues;

  • Replacing identified storage equipment (Drives, power supplies, cables and enclosures).


Desktop Environment

  • Deploying new desktop equipment (laptops, mice, keyboards, monitors, etc);

  • Upgrading existing desktop equipment as required (RAM, Hard drives);

  • Proactive patching and auditing Windows desktop operating systems;

  • Basic diagnostics of reported networking/performance/hardware issues;

  • Ensuring antivirus software protection is enabled;

  • Assisting with software installations;

  • Occasional development of small utility scripts in powershell, python and bash to assist with automation if capable persons.




  • Creating user accounts;

  • Enabling site and security systems access to approved;

  • Work with external contractors as authorized by the Data Center Architect or Superna management team;

  • Chaperoning contractors while they perform approved contracted services;


Onsite Facilities


  • Provide facilities assistance including, but are not limited to:

    • Climate control system adjustments;

    • Observation and escalation of issues related to the facilities.



  • 2+ years of hands-on desktop environment support experience;

  • Diploma in Computer Science or Information Technology preferred;

  • VMWare Certification is a strong asset;

  • Applicants with CompTIA A+/MCSA/MCSE/MCSM/MCM/MCA/Network + are desirable.


  • Good verbal and written communication in English;

  • Working independently remotely and on site;

  • Use of remote collaboration tools;

  • Procedural based logic and troubleshooting;

  • Following, updating and creating documented IT procedures;

  • VMWare and virtual machine knowledge will be considered a critical skill for this position;

  • General data center knowledge networking:

    • TCP/IP configuration;

    • Familiarity with network switches and routers;

  • General knowledge of storage technologies;

    • DAS, NAS (SMB/NFS);

    • Basic level Fibre Channel SAN networking;

  • Windows 10 Operating System hands on experience:

    • Operating system installation and configuration;

    • Software installation;

    • Patching and upgrades;

    • Debugging login, networking and system issues;


  • Window Server Technologies (2012R2+): 

    • DNS and Active Directory Management;

    • Patch management;

  • Linux Operating Systems Experience:

    • Operating system installation and configuration;

    • Using the command line interface;

    • Basic troubleshooting of networking and login issues;

  • General security knowledge:

    • Firewall;

    • VPN;

    • Anti-virus;

  • General PC knowledge:

    • Upgrading hardware (Memory and storage);

    • Identifying connectivity issues;

  • General Wireless Networking knowledge:

    • Connecting to SSIDs;

    • Identifying connectivity issues;

  • Basic knowledge of virtualization;

  • Basic IP routing Ethernet switch basic knowledge, IP routing basic knowledge;

  • Basic document (.doc .xls) creation, edit and update.