Data Marshal - Archive to the Cloud (coming soon)

Data Marshal Product Overview


Managing billions of files requires Enterprise solution to manage the life cycle of this data from active state to warm archive to cold archive storage.   Data Marshal is a Cloud object storage enabled archive platform that automates moving stale data to object storage.   The key to this solution is enabling direct placement of cold data into the low cost storage tiers such as AWS Glacier or Deep archive tier or Azure Archive.   This reduces the cost of the archive data.

What happens when the data is needed by Users?

The solution will leave an html link in any folder where data is archived.    This link will take the user to a self service portal that allows the user to request data to be recalled.   This portal requires authentication and browsing of archived data in the cloud based on the users folder permissions, ensuring the user can only recall data they have permissions to see within the file system.

The user can select one or more files from the portal and enter an email address to be notified when the data is recalled to the file system.

The solution will recall the data from the archive tiers in the cloud automatically and then restore the data back on the cluster and will email the user when the data has been recalled.

Advantages for NAS Administrators

  1. Report on user data recalls

  2. Control when and how much data users can recall

  3. Approve or Deny requests for data recall

  4. Schedule recalls to occur in off peak hours

Key Features

  1. AWS and Azure native object storage tier support

  2. Recall file metadata (owner, group and file mode bits)

  3. Object data in the cloud is natively accessible with any S3 tools, including WebUI that allows seamless browsing of archive data in the cloud

  4. Policy based archive based on file created, modified or last accessed date stamps, file size and path

  5. License model

    1. Other solution license based on the capacity of the storage which makes no sense if your device is only 50% utilized to pay for data that does not exist.​

    2. Data Marshal will offer a lower cost TB based license based on archive eligible data, which starts at 50% of the used space on the cluster.  

    3. Subscription based TB license.

    4. Example 800 TB cluster that is 50% used space of 400 TB and 50% of this data is assumed archive eligible and would require a 200 TB license for Data Marshal.  Many other solutions require a license for 800 TB.