Eyeglass Search & Recover Addon Product Data Marshal Overview (coming soon)

Data Marshal


Managing billions of files requires Enterprise solution to manage the life cycle of this data from active state to warm archive to cold archive storage.


The solution maintains an index of all active and archived data and leverages Dell EMC Isilon Cloudpools and Smartpool for seamless near-line and long term archiving of stale data.

Optimizes the cost of data with Automatic Waterfall Tiering of customer data ensures optimal storage costs based on user access behaviors.

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Key Features:

  1. NO Compromise Security for Archived Data - Archive data is fully secured and protected by Superna Data Protection suite.  Realtime protection of user access to archived stub files from Ransomware Defender and full file audit capabilities with Easy Auditor

  2. Content Aware Archive Search - archived content can be full text indexed before archiving for simplified searching of archived data.

  3. Download the Free Data Age Assessment tool to see how much data you could archive.

  4. Multi-tier archive allows water fall data movement between pools.

  5. Isilon Smartpool tiering support with water fall data movement to external pools managed by Cloudpools.

  6. Self Serve User data archive provides AD Integrated secure access for users to archive data without assistance

  7. Integrated Security with Primary Storage - Isilon SMB & ACL security is automatically imported so that archive and search access is secured once on the primary storage.  

  8. Suggested Archive reports for users - simplifies user archive with personalized user suggested archive file reports with “Single click” archive

  9. Data lifecycle "policy tags" are embedded in Onefs Filesystem - custom metadata is attached to the file system itself on how data should be archived to near line or long term archive locations.  Metadata is protected by Isilon snapshots and replicated with SyncIQ. This means policy data is not stored in a centralized database and is retained in the file system where it belongs

  10. Cloud Archive Gateway for Long Term archive data stubs are moved to a location that users do not have access to ensure stale data is not easily retrieved from the public cloud.  For public cloud data access, SMB shares can be created on long term archive data Cloudpool stubs to allow a Cloud Archive gateway to access long term data easily without loss of security , data protection, auditing capabilities.


Use Cases


  1. User self serve data archive portal

  2. Administrator Archive and reporting

  3. Lower the cost of file based storage with integrated data security and protection

  4. Life Cycle management policies for active, near line or long term archive with integrated seamless access to end users.

Free DR Assessment Tool scans storage and provides data age by modified or last accessed data stamps.