Superna Eyeglass® DR Edition

Superna Eyeglass® enables a disaster recovery solution based on the cluster witness concept that is used in highly available disaster recovery solutions. 


Superna Eyeglass® extends the witness concept further by not only monitoring the clusters data replication, but also synchronizing and detecting changes in the configuration data outside the cluster to coordinate share, export, quotas and replication policies between arrays that are acting in hot cold or hot hot configurations. 

  • Automates failover with One button failover for NFS and SMB

  • Whole cluster or partial cluster failover

  • Continous DR Readiness Monitoring - over 30 different validations are monitored between clusters

  • DR Testing Features

    • Continous DR Testing Runbook Robot writes test data and fails over and back every night on a schedule to stress DR readiness between clusters​

    • LiveOPS DR Test mode - Creates 3rd copy of production data in secure access zone with clone of shares and exports for writeable DevOPS and DR procedure testing on 3rd copy of production data.

      • No maintenance windows needed for Live data testing.

      • Scheduled Sync from DR data to 3rd copy

      • Incremental Sync support

      • Repeatable test deletes all changes after testing and resync production data from DR to Test Access Zone. 

  • Automatically Monitors all required failover cluster settings (data, configuration, active directory) to ensure failover is possible and sends Alarms if any condition that blocks Failover is detected (near-real time)

  • Global dashboard for DR Readiness of Isilon file Services

  • Automatically audits clusters SyncIQ jobs and configuration data to ensure they are in sync to be ready for any down time or DR event

  • Generates cluster configuration reports to enable: DR documentation, change management audits to increase cluster availability, change mangement of settings increases cluster performance and consistency for multi cluster deployments

  • Analyzes data loss exposure reports with RPO tracking and trending

  • Automatically identifies abnormal SyncIQ replication patterns and flags exceptions daily for follow up

  • SyncIQ performance reports

  • Snapshot and Replicate reports track completion of SyncIQ job, throughput, GB, files changes over 30, 60, 90 days