Eyeglass AnyCopy (Beta Coming Soon)


AnyCopy enables high performance data movement workflows between clusters leveraging SyncIQ.  Industries that need secure high performance copy operations often look to 3rd party external tools to copy data between clusters.  This introduces cost, complexity and data security overhead to manage another security layer.

AnyCopy leverages the data security already in place within Isilon clusters at the SMB and ACL layer to provide an integrated single security layer for data.   Using role based access + existing data security, AnyCopy allows users (analyst, researcher, media editor) simplified data set copy.

  1. AnyCopy Offers

    1. Multi cluster customers with workflow requirements to move data between clusters need robust end user copy tools

    2. Avoid using SMB to copy data between sites

    3. Centralized Array based Copy between Isilons using SyncIQ 

    4. Active Directory enabled End User portal Secured by Isilon SMB share permissions

    5. Role Based Access for Admin, Power User, User

    6. Email based copy job notification to end users

    7. Historical reporting on copy jobs

    8. Real-time monitoring of copy job throughput and progress

    9. Copy mode and Sync mode to keep data sets between sites in sync

    10. Incremental copy and file block level replication for maximum efficiency