Eyeglass Search & Recover Product Overview

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Customers have huge repository of data stored on Isilon clusters but cannot maximize the value of this data if they cannot find it. Eyeglass Search & Recover targets this problem with full content index solution that maintains a current index of the content and any changes to the data.  Security matters and the solution will only return results to data the end user is entitled to see.   

Indexing Isilon snapshots provides users with version history and file recovery with full content searching.  This provides a self service file location service and simplifies management of the snapshot and replicate data protection strategy.

Key Features 

  1. Self Serve User data recover portal from snapshots

    1. Smartconnect UNC aware search results​

    2. Full content Indexing of Office documents, PST files, PDF with almost a 1000 file types available.

    3. Powerful searching by keyword, phrase, wild cards, phrases combined with file system metadata date stamps, owner, file size or any combination

  2. Dynamic Data Tagging Need to tag your data?

    1. Place the tag in your documents. no secondary step to tag data or manage custom tags.  Simply add any text and numeric tag into documents.​ example project-456

    2. Dynamic tags are simple and requires zero training

    3. All Reports support Dynamic Data tags

    4. All Searches support Dynamic Data tags

  3. Quick Reports for Questions you need Answers to​

    1. Who Owns What?: a report that summarizes the filesystem usage by owner

    2. Show Me the Types!: A report that summarizes the filesystem usage by extension.

    3. Who Created That? Same as the "Who Owns What" report, but bounded by time.

    4. What's Growing Old? A report that summarizes the age of data on the filesystem.

    5. What's Been Stubbed? A report that summarizes which files are in cloud pools, or not.

  4. Administrator data search and recovery portal 

    1. Advanced searching based on date stamps, file sizes​

    2. Advanced scripting of actions against result lists

    3. Report on Who is responsible for data growth by path

    4. Report on Storage Pool size and identify files matching pool policies

  5. Full text indexing of many document types, language detection

  6. Snapshot Indexing for historical searching

  7. Per path metadata or full content selection 

  8. Clustered parallel file system ingestion

  9. Continuous incremental data indexing using the same technology SyncIQ uses to replicate changed files

  10. Secure User search with Active Directory authentication for zero security changes to your data

  11. Backup the Index to Isilon

Use Cases

  1. User self serve portal content and file search from the files system or historical snapshots.  Allows users to click and open full UNC with smartconnect and SMB search results based on AD permissions.

  2. eDiscovery content search for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and legal discovery

  3. Search result script automation - Create automated actions against search results

  4. Capacity Managemen Report - Reports on which users are responsible for storage growth on any path

  5. File System Analytics - Advanced searches on last accessed, created, modified, file extension combined with content provides unmatched analytics capabilities​​