Superna Eyeglass® Golden Copy Feature list

Release 1.1.4 update 2

  1. Secure Mode - Allows administrator login to Active Directory with proxy login through Isilon auth providers.   Local login denies CLI access until authentication session to enable CLI access.

  2. Recall mode real-time performance with the searchctl jobs view command using the --follow flag

  3. Search & Recovery import copy allows customers with Search & Recover to search for data using any criteria required including data age (last modified or last accessed time stamps).

    1. Use Case - Archive Stale Data to S3 objects: 

      1. Search for Stale data with What's Growing Old? Quick report and export the results to CSV file.​

      2. Import the CSV to Golden Copy to start an archive job using the CSV as input

      3. Use Search & Recover  command builder to generate a script to move archived data to a staging area or delete the files to save space

      4. Enable the new feature in 1.1.5 to index S3 objects to allow searching for archived data.

      5. Search for archived data with Search & Recover UI and export a list of files.  Import the list of files to Golden Copy to start a recall job to return archived data to the file system. 

Release 1.1.4  Key Features Golden Copy:

  1. Real time CLI copy job monitoring

  2. Bulk Data Loading

    1. Support for Amazon AWS S3 Snowball bulk data loading​

    2. Support for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage bulk data loading with Data Box

  3. New stats for copy jobs and recalls

  4. Copy job report creation is background job with speed improvements to generate summary reports and full list of copied files

  5. CLI command to summarize all failure reasons for failed files on a copy job, simplifies debugging any failed file copies

  6. Test feature to check permissions, authentication, with test file create delete before starting a copy job

  7. Support for selecting a Snapshot as a source path to copy

  8. Support for selecting read-only DR syncIQ data as a source path to copy

  9. Support for Internet proxy devices to reach Cloud provider storage services

  10. Copy job with automatic re-run option to reattempt any failed file uploads

    1. Re-run only failed file copies on any previous copy job​

  11. Data Recall Job to allow bulk data recall from Object back to File

    1. Data Recall from object to file (no meta data) 

    2. Same cluster or different cluster (no license key requirement on recalls) - Beta Feature​ 

    3. Metadata reapply (permissions, owner and some data stamps) - Beta Feature

    4. Date Range Data Recall - Beta Feature

    5. Ability to recall only data and skip meta data of the data

  12. Show Copy rate in MB/s web report

  13. Full GUI Dashboard with real-time monitoring - Beta Feature

  14. File system Tree walk speed enhancement to use Search & Recover Distributed BFS Algorithm 

  15. Ability to add Include / Exclude paths with filters to skip copying specific paths or file types

  16. Golden Copy Phone Home for remote log collection and monitoring

Key Features Previous Releases:

  1. Copy or sync Mode of a path to S3 storage

    1. Isilon Snapshot aware point in time copy or sync

  2. ​Free up Isilon usable space by reducing snapshot retentions and copy  S3 storage for long term archive 

  3. Copy Existing Isilon Snapshots to S3 storage for long term retention

  4. Sync Mode uses Isilon change list for incremental copies

    1. Delayed Delete in Sync mode to move deleted files to delete storage bucket

  5. Rate limiting option per path in Mbps​

  6. No load balancer required for on premise S3 multi node storage with load balancing file copies

  7. Smartconnect load balancing of copy work load across Isilon nodes

  8. Meta data protection stored in S3 objects for files and folders (ACL's, owner, group, mode bits, date stamps)

  9. Native file format copies and folder structure is preserved

  10. Restore full or partial with meta data restored to Isilon file system

    1. Redirected restore to a different Isilon

    2. Single file restore with any S3 Browser tool​

  11. Dual copy a folder to multiple S3 targets

  12. S3 supported targets Dell ECS and AWS S3 (Glazier or deep archive),  Azure blob, Cohesity