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Superna Golden Copy 

Golden Copy Cloud Browser for Data Mobility Demo

Golden Copy Cloud Browser for Data Mobility Demo
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Golden Copy Cloud Browser for Data Mobility Demo

Golden Copy Cloud Browser for Data Mobility Demo

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Golden Copy GUI Demo

Golden Copy GUI Demo

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Webinar: How to Leverage Object Storage - Superna Golden Copy - Mar 4, 2021

Webinar: How to Leverage Object Storage - Superna Golden Copy - Mar 4, 2021

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Overview:  Golden Copy is an Isilon integrated file to object copy tool with built in load balancer for Dell ECS and other S3 targets, removing the requirement for external load balancers.   An archive/backup and recall platform simplifies moving files to object storage for long term retention or 3rd copies.   Files are archived or backed up with full meta data protection using native Object property tags and native file format copies.    Provides a complete solution to simplify file to object archive, sync workflows from file to object and object back to file.   Scale Out Copy Performance with Small file and Large file optimizations.

Check out the Blog about Amazon S3

3 Product Options

  1. Golden Copy Base - Archive feature set with copy and sync features

  2. Golden Copy Advanced License - Backup Use case features, Integration with Ransomware Defender and Automation work flow API enhancements

  3. Golden Copy Pipeline - Workflow driven features

    1. Media Mode - realtime data reduction during backups removes duplicate data caused by symlinks/hardlinks with full file system transparency preserving links from file to object and object back to file systems.  Recreates symlinks/hardlinks and avoids disk space expansion.​

    2. Dropbox Mode -

      1. File to object and Object to File - moves data to the target storage and removes from the source. Cloud workflows for media & Entertainment, ML/AI​

      2. Maintain high speed local storage with automated work flows from on premise to cloud and back.







Supported Object Target Devices

  1. Dell ECS

  2. AWS (Glazier and Deep Archive)

    1. Snowball bulk loading​

  3. Azure Blob​

    1. Data Box bulk loading​

  4. Full list of targets and features click here.

Target Use Case:

  1. Zero-trust Backup to the Cloud - Integration with Ransomware Defender

  2. Sync Mode for continuous syncing, incremental always

  3. Bulk data loading with AWS Snowball and Azure Data Box​

  4. Copy Snapshots or any Isilon path to S3 Storage

    1. Scheduled Incremental Change list Aware Sync mode

    2. S3 version support to maintain multiple copies 

  5. Creating a master copy of a data set in S3 compatible storage



Key Features

  1. File Metadata Protection - Embeds file metadata into the object properties for owner, group, acl, data stamps, mode bits

  2. Smart Airgap API integration with Ransomware Defender

  3. Unlimited Data copying without any limits or restrictions on quantity of data copied or recalled

  4. An Isilon Integrated tool to sync a copy of a path(s) on Isilon to an S3 storage bucket

    1. Uses Isilon snapshot change list to support fast incremental syncs

  5. Scheduled or one time Sync of data

  6. Always Incremental with Isilon native change list support

  7. Supports Isilon snapshot compare

  8. Multipart upload support

  9. Supports copy rate limiting for WAN link saturation

  10. Delayed Deletes to S3 copy or no deletes on source propagated to the target storage bucket

  11. Direct Object to File Recall - Recall entire paths or partial paths from S3 to Isilon file systems with full meta data recall of ACL's, owner, group, mode bits and last modified stamps.

Golden Copy - Deployment
Golden copy Small file optimized.jpg
Golden copy Large file optimized.jpg

Zero-Trust Backup to the Cloud

  1. Golden Copy Backup Edition offers ground breaking next generation Zero-trust backup.  Integration with source data threat awareness with Smart AirGap API integration with Ransomware Defender enables Golden Copy to pause backup and sync operations if active threats are detected.

Golden Copy - Zero Trust Backup.png
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