Release Plan

  1. 2.5.7 update 1

    1.  Historical graphing of performance data for Cluster nodes

  1. 2.5.6 update 2 build 20258 

    1. ​ Rewind Mode - Historical performance with real-time play back , fast forward and rewind in time to root cause performance issues in the past

      1. Rewind Mode - play ,pause, rewind, fast forward real-time performance data from the past

      2. Group Administrator mode -  The ability to share a time series book mark between administrators to view the same historical data.

  2. (future Release) Automatic performance anomaly detection with time coded replay just before the anomaly, allows administrators to quickly review what was happening just before the issue to more easily root cause issues.



Key Features Previous Releases:​

  1. Real-Time 1 second updates to relate key performance metrics cluster wide or per node​

  2. Performance Metrics:

    1. Cluster wide and per node read and write throughput​

    2. Per User (AD or NFS) read and writhe throughput

    3. Per file read and write throughput

    4. per source subnet range read and write throughput

    5. Per application read and write throughput

  3. Auto Detected Top Applications resource consumers cluster wide​

  4. Relates Node to user to files to subnets or any combination to zoom in on any resource with multiple views (node, user, file, application, subnet)

  5. Pinning Feature allows a user, node, file or subnet anywhere on the cluster to be added to the real-time display to allow comparing the top resource consumer to the pinned object. 

    1. Example Pin a user that has raised a performance issue to the real time dashboard to easily see if this user is competing for resources on a heavily loaded node. 

    2. View the users file level performance be selecting the user to see bandwidth used by the application at the file level to determine the issue is an application issue or storage issue.

  6. Planned to release updates ​

    1. Application wait time in ms measures application logic issues that slow down application performance​

    2. Application efficiency scoring dynamically scores application file system access patterns for reads and writes and compares to highest scoring applications in your environment.  Helps identify applications that do not use NAS data efficiently based wait time and application block requests

    3. SMB , NFS, HDFS protocol break down

Superna Eyeglass® Performance  Auditor Feature list