With Unstructured Data Protection being one of the most complicated end to end processes to get right with no margin for error to your business, we have created a set of online training programs aimed at building a proven and tested solution with Superna Eyeglass®.



The first in a series of training courses is being offered free of charge for a limited time. The following courses are offered now to achieve Superna Eyeglass® Certified accreditation.

Requirements to become Superna Eyeglass® Certified

  • Complete all hands on labs

  • Complete both online courses and exams

  • We recommend taking the hands on labs and course before taking exams for certification

Hands-on virtual lab training

  1. Superna Eyeglass® Intro Lab 1 - Book Now

  2. Superna Eyeglass® Advanced Failover 2 lab (DFS mode) - Book Now

  3. Superna Eyeglass® Advanced Failover 3 lab (Access Zone, RunBook Robot, Script Engine) - Book Now

  4. Superna Eyeglass® Advanced Failover IP Pool 3-2 lab  - Book Now

  5. Superna Eyeglass® Storage Cluster Monitor addon product lab 4 - Book Now

  6. Superna Eyeglass® Storage Cluster Monitor AD Managed Quotas lab 4-2 - Book Now

  7. Superna Eyeglass® Ransomware Defender lab 5 - Book Now

  8. Superna Eyeglass® Easy Auditor lab 6 - Book Now

  9. Superna Eyeglass® Search & Recover lab 7 - Book Now 

​​Instructor led training

  • Remote Instructor led training - 3 days (includes hands on labs) to get personalized training for your IT operations and architecture teams

  • Course outline

How to Access the Labs

  1. Login to the Virtual Lab 1, 2, 3, 4 with this URL , or Lab 5 and 6 with this URL use the password provided in the meeting invite. NOTE: Please check access to the lab to make sure your firewall does not block access to ports http port 8080.

  2. Once you see the desktop, you will need to open the course material for the lab you are taking.  You will find an .exe file named after each lab on the desktop.  Each lab has a text file on the desktop with ip address, url's and login details to complete the lab.

  3. At the end of the course, a feedback form registers your lab as complete and provides an opportunity for feedback on the course.  We review all feedback.

  4. Support:  If you have a question during a lab please email, we can provide a chat session or take control of the training VM to assist with steps or questions related to the lab.