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EMC Disaster Recovery  Certification Options

EMC and Brocade Distance Extension

Helping You Meet the Standard for SRDF and Brocade Data Center Ready

Superna has in-depth technical expertise in storage distance interoperability and wide area networking. We have built a world-class data center facility with a capability to fully test storage network interoperability with EMC SRDF and VPLEX. This facility is used by network equipment manufacturers to qualify their products and undertake performance verification testing during equipment release cycles. Superna has worked with all the major network and WAN Optimization equipment providers to undertake successful EMC Entrance Criteria testing. This can result in publication on the EMC Support Matrix or Letters of Support from EMC. The Superna data center includes EMC storage, VCE Vblocks, servers, Cisco switching fabrics, Brocade and Cisco fibre channel switches, Qlogic systems, optical and ethernet devices, and fibre optics to generate distance.

EMC and BD Extension

Superna has a complete EMC test bed to undertake Entrance Criteria for SRDF and provides a storage distance networking qualification and testing solution with event and correlation root-cause software tools. Unlike the alternative business model that requires equipment manufacturers to invest heavily in infrastructure and personnel, we offer a fully endorsed and rapid qualification service that complies with EMC and Brocade`s standards.

The Brocade Technology Alliance Program is designed to help vendors perform compatibility testing with Brocade products, create applications utilizing the Brocade SMI Agent (SMI-A), and develop a stronger relationship with Brocade. Superna has many years of hands on interoperability and compatibility testing with Brocade SAN products and offers the following Interoperability by Solution services to  Brocade Technology Partners:

  • Data Center Ready Interop testing for WAN and SAN extension for the Data Center Ready, compatibility matrix; and

  • Data Center Ready testing - Ethernet solutions

Support Beyond Qualification

Superna can also assist with proof of concepts. If you are looking to enhance product capabilities for storage transport or go-to-market activities, we can help with product architecture and design. We work directly with EMC for SRDF and storage systems, Brocade and Cisco for switching fabrics.

Find out more about Superna SAN Testing. Contact us now.

EMC Isilon ICAP Scalability and  Qualification

A First to Market Solution to Qualify ICAP Scaling for EMC Isilon

Superna has developed an ICAP Anti Virus scanning platform that simulates 100's to 1000's of end users reading, writing, file based content that needs to be scanned. As file based content grows, there is a need to scan larger and larger volumes of file based content using the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) a lightweight HTTP-like protocol specified in RFC 3507 which is used to extend transparent proxy servers, thereby freeing up resources and standardizing the way in which new features are implemented (source: Internet Content Adaptation Protocol - Wikipedia).

EMC Isilon ICAP Validation
Service Features:
  • The service assists Software AV vendors validate performance of their ICAP enabled products

  • Delivers scalability test report on the performance of the AV engine under various load configurations

  • Verifies interoperability with the market leading NAS solution from EMC on the Isilon platform

The testbed that is set up is shown below. This has been successfully executed with security and virus scanning software solutions.

Develop Your Data Center Solution With Us

Call or email today to find out how you can leverage the expertise of our team and capabilities of our sophisticated infrastructure to develop your data center hardware or software solution.

EMC Isilon Video Surveillance Qualifications


Video content is one of the fastest growing media types in the Enterprise today. Video is now used in more industries as a critical system for banking/financial, surveillance, education, security, real-estate, and healthcare. Video requires file based storage solutions that scale and must handle high throughput with HD video transition from lower resolution video now the norm.

How We Help

Video Management System vendors depend on network attached storage to scale their video solution. Superna's exclusive choice for storage is EMC's Isilon Scale Out Storage products that scale VMS solutions.

What We Offer

Superna offers video management scalability testing, white paper, and technical marketing services. We also specialize in vertical market solutions by tightly integrating VMS solutions with storage automation, system level monitoring of VMS and Isilon products with our Eyeglass virtual appliance storage automation and monitoring platform. We can provide an integrated easy to monitor and manage VMS + EMC Isilon storage solution.

EMC Isilon VS Qualifications
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